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According to scriptures, a triosceles is a three-horned mythical beast that captures and collects the souls of innocent, unknowing females under the age of 18.

This beast is known to use whatever means necessary to capture these souls, and shows no remorse in his actions.
"Dude, look how drunk Devine is talking to those freshman. He's acting like a huge trisosceles."

"Trisosceles that hoe!!"
автор: Craig and Damien 7 октября 2009

Слова, связанные с Trisosceles

beast drunk female isoceles isosceles trapezoid sinister soul trapezoid trisoceles
When three sides of a trapezoid are equal.
Wow, the top side is equal to both of the left and right sides, must be a Trisosceles trapezoid.
автор: James Pie. 20 февраля 2008