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a travel bucket. nuff said nigguh.
make a bucket to smoke weed outta, then put it in a coffee mug, and travel with it. Hence. The Travel Bucket HENCEEE!!
the Tucket!
Mannnnnnnnnn, Max made the fattast tucket i've ever hit, and we hit it everywhere, 'cause we can NIGGGGGUH!
автор: CronicMan 9 января 2010

Слова, связанные с Tucket

bucket ass bitch bust bust tucket caruso fag fat ganja herb homo mucky obest puss puss-bitch tits tust weed
Defined: When a morbily obest lady tucks her fat into spandex.
Lady : wow i lookk fat in the spandex ..i'll just tucket
автор: jr3117 8 сентября 2006