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literally "unterseeboot" or German for "Under water boat"
OK, It's a German submarine.
автор: IrishRepublicanArmy 21 декабря 2003
this is the name of drink, mostly use in poland. put short-drink (wet) of vodka into your glass of beer and drink it all in very short time
-o man. i'm so drunk! i've drink 5 u-boat's in 20min!
#vodka #drink #beer #poland #drunk
автор: qwertyswertly 29 декабря 2005
a submarine used in world war one and two
"omg the uboat is coming"
автор: Taylor Hewitt 26 октября 2004
A long and sturdy albeit plastic turd that bends in a U plugging the toilet when the moment off truth arrives.
Man I had to swab the deck after U-boat 7:17 left the dock.
#crap #log jam #raft #stink canoe #shit raft
автор: delmarskd! 20 октября 2011
When a man sneaks up on his girlfriend or wife while she is sleeping and puts it in her butt.
While Emma slept, Gary snuck under the covers and gave her the... u-boat.
#donkey punch #dirty sanchez #cleveland steamer #shocker #dagger
автор: The Blodger 27 октября 2011
to go smoke some cigs
person A: "hey man, you wanna go Uboat?"
person B: "sure dude, i need a doog something fierce"
#doog #doogan #red public #dual wyoming #uboat
автор: sauve8392 12 июня 2009
Large continuous dump shaped like a German WW2 submarine. Usually occurs the morning after a night of numerous beers followed by a curry
"Why were you taking so long in the bathroom?", "Jesus love take it easy, i just sunk a u-boat"
#shit #submarine #log #dump #poo
автор: Jimmy Somerville 7 марта 2008
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