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The Deadman, greatest wrestler of all time.
The Undertaker will bury you alive...
автор: Kain 8 мая 2004
1022 187
One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, legend.
Undertaker is the phenom
автор: kent 9 мая 2003
657 155
A WWE wrestler that has won 13 wrestlemanias and lost 0. Considered a legend. Says words like rest in peace a lot
Rest... In... Peace....
автор: Parsa 15 апреля 2005
590 224
(n.) A long time standing wwf/wwe wrestler who has competed and won in just about every match style ever. Used to be scary then became a biker, which sucked. he's now gone back to being the phenom, and has pioneered such moves as the chokeslam, tombstone piledriver and the last ride.
The Undertaker is 6'10" and around 330lbs.
автор: Gumba Gumba 28 мая 2004
405 187
funeral service provider

see mortician; funeral director; embalmer
When you die the undertaker comes and gets you.
автор: annoymous 29 декабря 2003
347 147
Born as Mark Calloway on March 24, 1962.
Wrestled in rival organizations USWA and WCW in the late 80's. Joined the WWE (the the WWF) in 1990 and becmae the Undertaker. Went virtually undefeated for almost two years and often seemed to get caught up in fueds which were a waste of his time including rivalries with Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Giant Gonzalez, Yokozuna and his own TV brother Kane.

Is a four time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
The Undertaker nalis Kane with a thunderous Tombstone Piledriver
автор: Winston JOrdan 11 июля 2004
227 111
12-0 at wrestle mania and hall of fame wrestler
undertaker owns kane and every one in WWE
автор: ADEEM 16 июля 2004
270 176