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The act of taping a beer can to a passed out friend's forehead. Accomplished with one empty beer can some tape.
Jon: Jaeger got unicorned and the fag is sitting on his face.

Teggs: Sucks to be him.
автор: NJITdrinksFACE 2 июля 2010
When boning a horse and its dick goes through your forehead
You just got unicorned!!!!
автор: yay asians 29 мая 2011
When grinding on a male SO low that his penis rests on your head.
Lucy got unicorned on the dance floor last night.
автор: Unicorn princess. 20 сентября 2013
When you take your testicles and gently put them in the eye sockets of a sleeping friend while at the same time getting aroused and having a full erection thus making them a unicorn.
"Dude if I find out one of you guys unicorned me i'm going to take out the time to personally assassinate each one of you"
автор: Flappy98 15 июля 2012
Unicorned-when a person in the gym gets rammed in the ass by a large piece of exercise equipment.
Mike wasn't paying attention and was unicorned by the leg press.
автор: Sergeant Firewater 3 апреля 2010
To stick an enemy in Halo 3 with a spike grenade so that it sticks out of their head giving them the appearance of a unicorn.
Yo man, you just got unicorned!
автор: MNetLucas 20 сентября 2008
Used in substitution of the words drunk, wasted, shittered, hammered, etc. to categorize a state of absolute drunkenness.
Look at that guy, he's absolutely unicorned right now!
автор: OhGee 17 октября 2012