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To take a penis anally
She uploaded him last night.
автор: vitaL713 13 июля 2008
7 20
when your ass is up against anothers you push your deuce up into their a-hole.
I couldn't get a boner so i just uploaded her.
автор: jezuse and macks 12 октября 2008
7 20
Man, I shudden had zat last shot, I think im gonna Upload
автор: CanOfPanatam 29 сентября 2008
4 18
To ejaculate inside a vagina and the load is sent up the baby chute.
I was gonna' give her a sperm mustache, but was pounding so hard that I did an upload by mistake.
автор: Bruce St. Asiuk 24 ноября 2005
15 65