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A untamed creature who runs wild around a variety of dublin hotspots, looking for teenage girls to eat. the wild beef is a specimen is recognisable by his flaming red maine and his out of control sweat glands. When hunting wild beef it is necessary to travel in packs and more importantly with arms. The most common way of taming a beef is by perfoming a beef rodeo. Whipping is also an effective method. If you see a wild beef it is vital to note that he is extremely dangerous and may attempt to come on to you by using the infamous slurred phrase:"hey...u dont sssspeaak enggglish"
beef hunter:"there's a wild beef on the loose..EVERYBODY RUN"
wild beef:"hey...you're not ssssshpeakin engggglish baby"
автор: MerlinBrowntown 13 октября 2008

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