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A person who you feel bad for or want to cuddle with. Midgets walking alone on the streets are woodgies, because you want to be jolly with them.

"Look at that fat ass who just spilled ice-cream on his Dora the Explorer shirt. He's all alone."

"Oh, he's such a woodgie."
автор: Brett vH 17 сентября 2007

Слова, связанные с Woodgie

boner cuddly cute dick down-syndromed midget hard on lonely undies wedgie wood woodgy woogie
The act of wedgie-ing a guy when he has a hard-on.
I just woodgied that bastard!
автор: Gummy Bears United 25 мая 2010
When something is wrinkled or just not right in some way.
I was trying to sew a pair of pants, but the seam went all woodgie.
автор: Nicky-woowoo 2 января 2004