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Some one who sucks so much that if you were given the choice to shove a spatula up your ass or meet them you would pick the spatula.
Person 1: So Dayton really sucks huh?
Person 2: Yep he is the worst.
Person 1: He can't be that bad.
Person 2: You don't even know. He is ass spatula bad.
Person 1: wow thats bad.
автор: KnifeySpoony 3 марта 2011

Слова, связанные с ass spatula

assclown ass genius asshat asshole ass monkey ass-weevil bad person dumb fuck jackass jerk
when your ass is full of crap and you cant make it come out so you use a spatula
Gregory, get me the ASS SPATULA i cant seem to get this shit off.
автор: the magical flying canon man 4 марта 2003