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The worst, most annoying "singer" on the planet Earth. Thinks she is "punk", but obviously isn't.

See poser

Once said "I'm like Sid Vicious for a new generation!!"

(and somewhere on earth poor Sid spins like a pinwheel in his grave)
Omg! 'm lyke sooo punk rawk!! I listen to Avril Lavinge!! OMG!!!
автор: Allison 8 апреля 2004
1627 755
The wrong way to spell Avril Lavigne.
Avril Lavinge is Avril Lavigne spelt wrong.
автор: Pseudonym 12 августа 2004
762 132
a pop star who claims to be punk. she doesn't write her own music, doesn't play an instrument, and is a horrible singer.
автор: ro 11 мая 2003
964 594
a girl who butchered a really good bob dylan song
автор: moi 19 июля 2003
813 467
winner of the Hot Topic national "Customer of the year" award. For five years running.
And this year, our customer of the year award goes to...*Drum roll*...Ahh crap, her again...
автор: Neil 19 марта 2005
482 336
One annoying wanna be punk pop princesses, who think that since she bought a ten dollar pink and black bracelet that she is automaticly punk. she's not. She is a huge icon for pre teen girls who want to think they are punk rockers.
In one word...................... CRAP!
автор: Nick 30 января 2005
538 412
Because the correct spelling, Avril Lavigne, is one of the Forbidden Definitions, everyone uses this spelling to post their love of Avril.
автор: keyshaw 30 декабря 2004
70 43