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Alternative method of saying haha, more likely to create the impression of laughing harder
"Bahahaha, dude that joke rocked"
автор: dark-darkling05 15 октября 2005
221 76
Verb. Used to describe the act of a large number of people crowding together within a close proximity to one another. Furthermore, while baha'ing the group is accomplishing nothing and would be considered useless.
I cannot believe the amount of players bahaing while the game is in play.
автор: AngryEskimos 18 июля 2010
46 20
The way Mason laughs
Baha, that was sick.
автор: Shaydeeeeee 9 февраля 2014
0 1
sexy Persian girl who goes with the name "baha" because her actual name of "bahareh" is way too difficult to pronounce for people of different origins. Bahas normally roll with a group of attractive friends and have huge butts and tits and are normally attracted to white boys, yet they only attract black men.
damn, i wishh my girl was more like a Baha, that shit is fly.
автор: elephantfungus 18 октября 2011
12 13
A unique Persian name which means splendour and value.
I love Baha a lot, but I didn't tell him yet.
автор: a nice girl 3 мая 2007
34 47
FUCK. When a girl fucking breaks your heart, and you sit there, drunk, thing about her fucking tits, and fuck, fuck man. ba-has
Fuck. I'm going to kill myself. ba-has
автор: IamNot Kaain 29 августа 2006
8 26
How a dumb person might spell Baja.
Man texting his friend: hey bro the have the baha 1000 on spike tv!
Friend: Don't you mean the Baja 1000? U are a fucking errorist from hell...
автор: cmoy 15 января 2009
26 52