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a time of day, usually in the midst of ones' daily labors, that it becomes apparent that it well past time to no longer be in the midst of ones' daily labors
Is it beer:30 yet?

Dude, it's beer:45!
автор: honore d. balzac 27 марта 2010

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beer beer:30 beire bier birra cerveza quality family hour quittin' time siesta
Beer:45 is when the clock runs past Beer:30 and you're still at work, dying of thirst.
RING RING-Hello? "Hey guy its beer:30 meet us at the bar!" No its Beer:45 for me bro the bossman made me work late. "Oh man that's balls."
автор: Don Keydick03 14 января 2010
The time of day when you should have already been drinking, but due to some setback, are still sober.
omg where is fred with the beer?

idk man, but he needs to get here soon. its already beer: 45
автор: ojpimpjuice69 19 марта 2010