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Some who, while not outwardly racist, may have negative views towards African Americans. A reserved racist if you will.
"Its not that mom wants to lynch Barack or anything, she just wont vote for him even though he is the best guy. she was raised during the jim crow times and is still a little blacktose intolerant. but shes not a racist."
автор: ninjarlou 26 января 2008

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The disease used for an excuse to be racist to African Americans.
Racist: Hey, get over here you dumb n word!
African American: You're such a racist bigot
Racist: Hey I'm not racist I'm just blacktose intolerant.
автор: bobert883 21 октября 2010
A really dark skinned person who can't eat dairy products
Man.. Kayla's so blacktose intolerant, she can't even eat cheesecake.

When I turned off the light, i couldnt see any thing except her teeth, she's so blacktose intolerant.
автор: One Rho 23 марта 2008