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A nerd who is of African American decent. A BLack-nERD.
Turk: "My cousins a blerd"
Carla: !?!?!
Turk: A black nerd.

автор: mrrob 7 декабря 2006
269 49
A combination of the words 'Black' and 'Nerd'. In essence a black nerd. First used in this context by Dr. Turk on the TV show Scrubs.
"I spent all weekend talking to my cousin who just so happens to be the world's biggest 'blerd'. {pause} That's a black nerd."
автор: SkumChiken 8 декабря 2006
160 31
a black nerd; a nerd who is African-American
"My friend Darrell is the world's biggest blerd."
автор: Ryan Meier 8 декабря 2006
65 27
A Black nerd. See also nerd
Jack: Hey, Mike stayed up all night playing World of Warcraft
James: Yeah, he is such a blerd
автор: Toby G 14 декабря 2007
26 16
A black nerd.
The blerd on the 3rd floor fixed my computer!
автор: yoyoyo58790673234 10 февраля 2011
9 7
A Black Nerd
I was watching sporscenter and Bruce Bowen is a total blerd.
автор: Tortamaniac 1 июня 2010
9 7
the combination of the words band and nerd. a band nerd. usually highschool kids who are good band students and fit the nerd attire.
joe: "hey the band is going on another trip."
john: "damn! those blerds are always going on trips!"
автор: j-la 17 апреля 2004
7 206