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What you call a big fat guy named BOB.
Blob should pay more then us for the pizzas because he eats two pizzas all by himself.
автор: the howboucha guy 6 марта 2008
191 69
A menstruating lady's period
Stay out of her way - she's on the blob
автор: Daddy Fabu 6 мая 2005
227 120
BLOB is an acronym for Binary Large OBject. It is a data type used for storing large binary information in the database. Typically BLOBs are images, audio or other multimedia objects...
Geek Girl: I need to store videos in my database. What data type should I use?

Geek Boy: use BLOB, it is great for storing large files like that.
автор: Kalamelka 9 сентября 2006
84 38
1-n-a person who is fat
2-n-the actual fat on a person's body
3-v-to do nothing of importance; hang around
4-v-to be PMSing
1-that blob got in the way of our basketball game!
2-eytan's blob shook as he walked
3-sara and i just blobbed around all day
4-she's blobbing today. be careful
автор: Shane O' 5 июня 2005
102 61
A fat drunk obnoxious disgusting mooch who will eat anything as long as it's free.
Hey look dude, "Blob" just ate a bunch of frozen hotdogs, moldy bread and then puked on your new chair.
автор: Crapcake 30 августа 2006
44 22
a term used in RTS game; Company of Heroes where players make large amounts of infantry and move all of them in one flank
Dude 1: fuck that PE (Panzer Elite) noob is blobbing PG's (Panzergrenadiers)

Dude 2: Bring out the MG or 105 arty

Noob: fuck they killed my blob, fuckin cheaters
автор: yrba1 12 апреля 2009
20 4
an X-Men villain...a gigantic moving fat guy with strange hair.
Nothing moves the blob!
автор: Nothing Moves the Blob 18 января 2005
35 27