not cool, not good, stupid.
"That's hella booboo ass shit."
автор: gogopwrrnger 4 ноября 2005
A Nice Hit, When Something Grabs you by the Boo Boo
*Cough** Dat shit Grabbed me by the boo boo
автор: Tommy Chong 4 мая 2004
the noise thee clique makes when they are done fornicating

Bob: I concur, that was some great fornification

Anna: I thought so too
автор: theeclique 16 ноября 2003
Black people !!!!!!!!!
Booboo Jones in the house!!!
автор: Erber 2 мая 2007
boobies or breasts
she has some niiice boo boos!
автор: lindzer 1 мая 2004
This is a friend(male or female) whose meeting gives the pleasure of seeing a boob.
I am going to visit my booboo tomorrow.
автор: Aliu 2 августа 2006
A word for a hater or someone who thinks they are better than it can also mean "you ratchet" the origin of this word is kendrick lamar in his song hood politics
I've been A-1 since day one, you niggas booboo
автор: urban.expert22 2 апреля 2015

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