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A dried booger found stuck to the underside of the table or the arm of a chair in a public seating area or any other obscure area where a booger would be covertly wiped.
Hey Kenny... check out that booger jerky on the edge of Jeff's desk! It's as big as a craisin dude!
автор: Raven - Fairbanks AK. 3 марта 2010

Слова, связанные с booger jerky

booger boogey boogy craisin dried booger fairbanks ak nose nose hair snot
a hard booger that is stuck to the inside your nose that is dried up. Resembles a mini slice of bacon. booger style.
after taking allergy medicine my head was all dried up. I picked my nose and pulled out a some booger jerky.
автор: analbiscuit 4 июня 2009