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to travel at high speed or hurry the fuck up
Omar: "What are you doing?"
Gary: "Oh not too much, just trying to defuse this bomb before it blows up and kills thousands of people. You know."
Omar: "Well you'd better book it. There are only 30 seconds left on the timer."
Gary: "What? Oh yeah, I guess you're right. Well I'd better hurry the fuck up then."
автор: Nick D 28 мая 2004
328 41
to run very fast aka get the hell outta there
i saw the cops and started bookin it
автор: La***La 28 июня 2005
270 54
to leave very quickly, vacate as fast as possible.
when i saw the cops i just booked it
автор: lauren 13 февраля 2005
188 42
To go somewhere very fast, to sprint.
" you see joe run"
" hell yah, he booked it"

" As soon as the cops came everyone just booked it"

" fuck, my parents ...book it! "
автор: oodeee 28 октября 2006
80 20
to leave at once
The cops are coming, lets book it!
автор: anonymous 30 декабря 2002
65 26
To leave quickly.
Derived from 70's college slang when you had to leave a party to study.
I'd like to stay and drink some more beer, but there's a chemistry test tomorrow and I have to book it.
автор: Docjoe73 15 октября 2011
17 3
to move quickly from one place to another, usually with some kind of favorable intentions for the one who suggests "booking it" in the first place.
Anna: Lets book it to next period!

Grace: Ugh, why?

Anna: 'Cause I REALLY want to have enough time to see Josh before class!
автор: sydneyspaceinvader 23 февраля 2009
22 11