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boom tho
adv. 1: An occurance of an uncommonly good thing.
2. An exclaimation or show of excitement.
boom got them tho!
verb. 1a: The self completion of an uncommonly good thing.
1b: The successful act of mating.
boom got them dos!
verb. 1: The exact double of boom got them tho!
2: The completion of a difficult shot attempt on the basketball court.
Speaker 1: I just won the lotto
Speaker 2: Boom tho!
автор: MD15 29 февраля 2008

Слова, связанные с boom tho

boom cool crazy dos flirt gangdandriel hard lotto pump rod benson sexy sweet tho tweet twirting twitter
Totally Radical, awesome, amazing; sweet, sick
Dude that move was totally BOOMTHO!
автор: ObamaSucksABigOne 5 октября 2009
real, or a worthy
speaker 1: man you suck at sports
speaker 2 : man you tryna talk shit even boom tho
автор: rodnes 1 июля 2009