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Booter crunk is the nasties sickest thing ever. It means anything and everything you want it to...if ur cool if your a douchebag then dont even bother saying it

walking down teh hall mike sees simon they both say booter crunk no one knows hwy but the world seems like a better place
автор: wow..your..fat! 18 сентября 2006

Слова, связанные с booter crunk

crunk awsome booter crazy drunk hard charge high huck insane oil tanker sick ski skiing snowboard
Getting mad high and drunk ie. "crunk" especially used by freestyle skiers and snowboarders.
"Are you getting booter crunk tonight"
"Oh yea man i got weed and 40's"

Or as a shout out-- BOOTA CRUNK!!!
автор: mikr 3 сентября 2006