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boys are the funniest thing on earth which can be classed as dickhead and they do your heading through every minute of the day. They can be sexy too.
George: Ronnie guess what
Ronnie: WHAT!!!!!!!
George: (smirk)
Ronnie: F*cking hell boys are so annoying
автор: ronnie1997 4 августа 2011
4 25
an animal that can talk
I wish boys would just stop talking and stand there and look hot.
автор: why do you want to know 26 августа 2005
3068 1180
term for heroin
автор: Anonymous 17 сентября 2003
1638 803
a male, man; the opposite of female, woman.
That boy is dressed like a girl.
автор: Pocahontas 8 апреля 2005
1353 585
Human with a penis.
Billy has a penis- therefore, he is a boy.
автор: lawlstothawall 6 декабря 2007
1199 478
A male under the age of eighteen.
A child under age 18
автор: Midnight G. Estes 15 декабря 2003
1042 500
your crew , posse , homies. your set of mates your real tight with.
me and the "boys" were rolling deep the other night at the club.
автор: physiKARL 9 августа 2005
706 297
friends with, part of the crew
dude, are you boys with joe?
автор: j-rob mad fresh 10 апреля 2010
514 137