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verb: to "brain google", i.e., search one's brain for trivial information instead of using a popular search engine.
"Dude, check imdb and tell me who was in Bubba Ho-Tep?" "Psssh, I can broogle that one. Bruce Campbell."
автор: groovenu 7 февраля 2012

Слова, связанные с broogle

google remember think ask brain fart brainstorm bro forget recall recollect research search
To use one's brain to access information instead of using an internet search engine such as google.
What was John Wayne's real name? I bet I can broogle it before you google it.
автор: boolyte 22 февраля 2012
Asking a male nerd friend to provide information about a variety of subjects. From the phrase "bro-google" that for me.
We didn't know where to get arepas, so we broogled it.
автор: fostercity 9 апреля 2009