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By Us Fuck You
we wear BUFU
автор: Chad 10 ноября 2003
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bufu by us fuck you fu tofu
butt fuck.

you can also add ED or ING
no, jenny didnt break her legs. shes in the wheelchair cuz mandingo bufued her last night.
автор: udontknowmebitch 16 марта 2007
403 235
1. Butt-fuck (1983, "Valley Girl," Frank Zappa, sung by his daughter, Moon Unit)
2. "Buy Us, Fuck You" (2001, fictitious clothing line, film, "How High," parody of FUBU)
3. Popular usage: sexual intercourse, more broadly.
4. Buttfucker, stank-ass.
Its really sad
Like my english teacher
Hes like...
Hes like Mr. BuFu
Were talking Lord God King BuFu
I am so sure
He's like so gross
He like sits there and like plays with all his rings
And he like flirts with all the guys in the class
Its like totally disgusting
I'm like so sure
It's like barf me out...
Gag me with a spoon!
— Zappa

Canadian: Nope, the lyrics are GooFu, as in "goofy."
American: What? Are you Canadian or something?
автор: flatrockdam 4 октября 2009
186 69
Buttfucking someone or something, some ugly muthafucka, a name, stinky smell.
"Hey baby lemme bufu you one time" or "Nigga you see that hurtass bufu right there?", "My name is Bufu" and "ewwWW you smell like some straight up bufu!"
автор: 415IDUBDGQC11589 16 октября 2006
307 201
Buy Us Fuck You
You like my gear, I made it myself, it's called BUFU.
автор: MangoCharlie 7 июля 2010
86 46
On surf world mean a big turn on the lip of the wave.
uauuu, did you see that big bufu in that wave?

I did few bufadas today.

Today is not a barrel day, is a bufu day.

Hoje o mar tava bom pra dar uns bufu.

Po hoje dei um bufu no olho da onda que foi irado.
автор: Peregiam 5 января 2014
1 0
1) The act of sexual intercourse, usually preformed by homosexuals, or by males on females, though is possible for a female to 'bu fu' a male with utensils such as a banana or dildo.
2) The kinky Asian act of taking another from behind. Usually to the surprise of their friends
She is a crazy thai soyasauce - she bu fued him with a effing plantain!
автор: madderhat 7 октября 2008
9 8