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runnin your mouth too mothafuckin much.
talkin that shit
jack-y did u knock jimmy out earlier
jace-dat nigga was bumpin
автор: d-mane 16 апреля 2008
native american slang
Used on the rezz

Loud Music in a car
Loud Bass
Makes the car 'bump'
we geeped sonny a grip ago while we were bumpin in the blazer.


We were bumpin to Jay Z the other day
автор: i want mr.sunshine 7 ноября 2004
when you have a headache
yo man... my fo head is bumpin!
автор: studlee 23 апреля 2004
when someone's talking shit and running their mouth; trying to start shit with no game; all talk
Quit bumpin yo dick sucks
автор: Vanna 14 апреля 2005