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To be upset, or angry and to have one's panties in a bunch.
Sally's bunched because she doesn't have a date to the dance.

Tim's all bunched up because he didn't prepare for the board meeting.
автор: JerseyLinds 22 августа 2006

Слова, связанные с bunched

bunch bunch bunches bunches of of group group a lot a lot a a lots lots alot alot many many ton ton
To have someone jam their balls up your ass while having sex
OMGWTFBBQ!! Did you see it when Buttons got bunched by that fat mexican guy in prison?? Icky
автор: Haley13 19 ноября 2007
To be anxious, unhappy, or uneasy
Damn, she's all bunched up about that guy not calling her back.

Aw shit, I'm all bunched up.
автор: LARKON 27 октября 2005