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Bumbling idiot of the blue team, also blue teams comic relief.
A.K.A O'Malley
Tucker: Caboose, that is rediculous!
Caboose: Is it? Or is it sooo rediculous, it's the most rediculously perfect idea...that you never thought of?
автор: tobi D 9 марта 2004
1) buttocks
2) ass
3) butt
"she done got one damn fine caboose"
автор: Anonymous 27 февраля 2003
The Best and funniest character of the awesome internet series red vs blue, sometimes known for his big tank lady girlfriend, sheila.
Caboose: SHEILA!!!NOOO!!!
Tucker:No! Sheila! Shiela!!....wait..whos sheila
Caboose:She was the lady in the tank, she was my friend
Tucker:Dude! I knew you could pick up chicks in the tank!
автор: Eg 15 мая 2004
The private from Red vs Blue. Stupid, yet very funny, a blue and is clad in blue armor, he loves sheila, and wants church to be his best friend
Sarge-Hello? Is anyone there? Do you read me? Do i read you? Anyone? Anybody?Nobody? Ok. well, looks like we're stuck here. toes are getting proony
*walk a little*
Caboose-Sarge! Look! A sleeping person!
Sarge-Holy Macaroon...he's not sleeping son, he's dead.
Caboose-Good, for a second there I thought he was me...because i am blue, and i like to sleep. but if he is dead, that can't possibly be me...that would be silly.

Tex-O'Mally is held up in this base, and he has been fortifying his defenses for a few days now, and he's got some help, one of those religous nuts you guys picked up
Caboose-OH! I liked them, they were funny.
Tucker-Caboose, they tried to kill you because of a flag
Caboose-I try not to think of the bad things about people
Tucker-thast all they did, there were no good things
Caboose-Thats ok...I have a really bad memory, WOW LOOK A BEACH!
автор: Mustache Man 27 февраля 2005
the most retared person from RvB. the most extreme humer comes from his helmet.
Church: hey caboose are you getting all this?
caboose: i think so... that guy text isnt really a guy but is a robot and you are his boyfriend... so that makes you... a gay robot.
Church: thats right... im a gay robot.

Church: hey ill let you on a little secret. i actualy have a girl back home.
Tucker: ya girlfriend or wife?
church: no man, shes just my girlfriend. i was going to ask her to marry me but i got shiped out and.. well you know how it works.
tucker: so you going to ask her to marry you when you get back?
caboose: im not going to get married. my dad always said, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free."
Church: hey rookie, did you just call my girlfriend a cow?
Tucker: no dude i think he called her a slut.
Church: ok heres the deal rookie, i can listin to you insult my girlfriend all day but as it turns out i have a better job for you to do. you see we have this general.
Tucker: ya the general.
church: that likes to come by and mke random inspections of the base and the first thing he wants to see is the flag. so what im going to have you do is go inside, far away from us and stand in attention next to the flag till he comes.
caboose: when will he get here?
tucker: we dont know it could be today, or it could be a week from now.
Caboose: so you want me to stand in attention for a week?
**skiping small talk**
Caboose: umm sir.
Church: what rookie.
caboose: sry about calling your girlfriend a slut.
tucker: he he he
Church: tucker are you laghing at me?
doughnut: um excuse me sirs.
Doughnut: what did i do?
Church: 1
doughnut: aww come on.
Church: 2
Doughnut: FINE.
автор: pvt. O'mally 26 января 2005
Idiot of red vs blue.
Tucker - Caboose, I don't think anybody likes you.
Caboose - I like me!
автор: Caboose ;) 24 мая 2004
Only the coolest guy on the blue team on Red vs Blue. Also one of the greatest Counter-Strike names for a great player such as myself, jk
Chruch: "I can't move my legs!"
Caboose: "Well....why don't you just..walk it off?"
автор: Merek 23 марта 2004
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