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A turd, shit, or feces, that has a spherical shape to it. Rabbits, deer and sometimes humans will have caca balls.

A phrase that my girlfriend has because she is too much of a lady to swear.
Hey man, look at all that shit!
Yep, that's what you call a caca ball.

My GF: You are such a caca ball!
Me: WTF is a caca ball?
автор: Dude Grease 10 апреля 2007

Слова, связанные с caca ball

caca feces poop caca balls caca brain caca face caca head crap peace poopy shit turd
A ball of crap, usually an insult of grade 1 - 5
Don't take my crayon you cacaball!
автор: C0m 1 декабря 2007
Supreme insult of epic, second grade proportion.
"That shit was straight up caca ball(s), nigga. I'm out this caca ballin' bitch. Peace."
автор: sux0r 16 апреля 2007