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To capture the flag in a CTF game.
we won by 2 caps
автор: b0b 23 октября 2003
30 38
to shoot someone with a handgund turned to the side
nigga back off or im a cap yo ass wit a rusty nine!
автор: Nick The Hobo 7 марта 2004
768 222
Originally, a kneecap. The phrase "bust a cap" originated in Northern Ireland several years before entering urban gangsta culture, and referred to the nonlethal (but fantastically painful and disabling) practice of firing a firearm at close range into the crook of the knee. The practice served, and in some areas continues to serve, primarily as an intimidation tactic, and the victim becomes a hobbling reminder of what happens to "the enemy."
I told him I'd bust a cap in his ass, but it turns out he didn't have an asscap after all, so I let him go.
автор: Fiasco 8 ноября 2004
498 193
n. bullets
Let's peel some caps back, yo.
автор: Holden McCrank 14 марта 2003
276 73
n. the caps of psychadelic mushrooms, mushrooms in general
we ate an 1/8 of caps and tripped for hours
автор: jim 24 июня 2003
158 66
refers to the ignition cap at the base of a cartridge for a firearm. "bust a cap" means break the cap by pulling the trigger, setting off the explosion that propels the bullet
"back off befo i cap yo ass!"
автор: bjg 9 марта 2003
244 169
Caps lock on a computer keyboard. Represents SHOUTING in chat rooms,IRC chats and forums...
'Turn your caps off! It looks like your shouting!'
автор: Evil-Ernie 29 мая 2003
99 60
Term used for the cap of a mushroom, usually one of the psychedelic nature.
"I ate a stem and three caps."
автор: Sledulous 29 июня 2009
109 78