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1.slang for because
2.the word someone types when they're too lazy to write because.
Person one "why did you do that?"
Person two "just cause"
автор: hookahhunny 14 сентября 2008

Слова, связанные с cause

because causes effect i the you cuz a caused to bitch causing of p.c.v. and cool is pain reason action
Conj. Slang. Variant of "because."
I did it 'cause I felt like doing it.
автор: Moriarty 15 октября 2003
The short form of bcause, which is a short form of because. Can be shortened further to cuz. Pretty soon it will just be cz.
he'll yell at me 'cause i wasn't there.
автор: gothicvamppunk 13 октября 2005