Puerto Rican word for female genitalia
That girl has a nice chicha between her legs.
автор: Bucanero 29 июня 2006
Top Definition
Chicha is a beer made from corn that is widely enjoyed in Central and South America. It is a beverage that is often consumed while still fermenting and low in alcohol. It may be left to ferment out, thereby yielding a strong, dry, chicha, but this is not chicha's traditional form. It is generally slightly sour from lactobacillus bacteria introduced during a spontaneous ferment. Chicha may also be spiced with almost anything, or fruit may be added to the ferment or at the time of serving. Traditionally, the fruit used is strawberry and this is called frutillada. Traditionally, all phases of the production of chicha were performed by women, and this is largely true today.
"That stuff was really sour!" --Biggus Dirkus
"We're saving the second bottle." --Julie of Stein Fillers
"I liked it better than pLambic." --John Palmer
"The pleasure is all yours!!" --Dion "El Presidente" Hollenbeck
"ta' mare dame una chicha pa poner esto serio!" -- Adriana
автор: Midori-chan 15 марта 2006
n. alternative name of Peruvian cumbia (musical genre)
Chicha is a pretty awesome blend of cumbia and rock, typically driven by distorted guitars, and characterized by melodic pentatonic lines. Check out Los Destellos or Los Mirlos for a start.
автор: YouKnowNothing 30 августа 2013
1. A small creature consisting of little paws and legs and body like a hedgehog or a muskrat. Cute and fuzzy and extremely adorable. They are helpless and usually lost, they wonder around the forest in search of friends.

2. A little girl just as adorable as the animal, only with out that hair, the chi cha is hairless and prances around in circles. The chi cha is usually cold and prefers warm places to heat up its chi cha hands. Most common place to find chi cha's are in your arm pit or scuttling somewhere in your pants. Chi Cha's also scootabout in thier red car. Chi Cha's are rare to come buy and if you come across one dont ever let it go. Also Chi Cha's are irrestible and you can only stay mad at a chi cha for a maximum of 1 hour.
"Hey, i just saw a chi cha, it was sooooooo cute, i want one!"

"That chi cha is sooooo cute, look at her in her red scootabout, to bad shes dating a weasel"
автор: Ironhide21 14 января 2010
A puertorican anglisism in reference of "chit chat", that sounds suspiciously like the word "chichar"' , which means to fuck. It happened when a panelist on Univision news was discussing When Barack Obama didn't speak with the press during his 4 hour visit of Puerto Rico. A repoter chimed in,on a brain fart moment, : "No tenia tiempo ni para chi'cha'(He didn't have time neither for chi'cha')".
Tengo prisa no tengo tiempo ni para CHI'CHA'!

I'm on a hurry don't have time for CHI'CHA'
автор: cocololoco 17 июня 2011
Another form of the Spanish word for chi chi, but we say chi cha.
She has some big chi cha's!
автор: MlssCue 26 февраля 2007
In Venezuela, short for "chicharron" the word used to describe what's left over of a cannabis spliff, defenitely not something worth holding to if you have a fresh stash waiting to be rolled. To qualify as a chicha the only rule is that it has to be 1 1/2" or smaller, anything longer can be consider a "Half Joint". A typical Venezuelan chicha wont have the carton tip, here we roll it jamaican style with the weed showing at the end, no problem. The exact translation to english is roach
Para darle dos a esa chicha - CAN I TAKE TWO HITS FROM THAT ROACH
автор: P I M P 27 февраля 2007
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