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Yeah yeah, they were the poor people's food. They're still cheap and still tasty though, especially in plain soup.
Chitlins require little money yet give much satisfaction.
автор: StatenIslander 21 ноября 2007
69 57
A term of endearment for a young child.
Awwwwwwwwwww, look at the lil chitlins playing outside.
автор: Joie1973 24 июня 2005
133 41
Not pork fat, but the large intestine of a hog. Signature variety meat of soul food and Southern cuisine in general. Cleaned, cut, and then fried or boiled.
Known for a distinctive aroma.
Some love chitlins while others can't stand the smell.
автор: ignor 6 ноября 2003
98 22
Pig intestines, smells bad.
How anyone eat chitlins? They smell bad before they are cooked, and worst when they are being cooked.
автор: Saints 8 октября 2003
188 125
sambo food, see pig ass holes...
says Le-Roy...we's a gonna havs us a mess o muh-stad greenz and chitlinz tonight, and wash's it 's all's down wit a colt foty five...o' maybe's a shlitz...
автор: the gabba goul 9 января 2005
219 166
chitterlings, a food made of fried pig intestines(often regarded as characteristically eaten by black people and in the southern United States)
Looks like someone has been cooking a pot of chitlins.
автор: The Return of Light Joker 10 марта 2008
99 85
n. Children, kids.
You're thinking about having some chitlins?
автор: Alexia 9 августа 2003
229 220