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1)A poor mexican.
2)A Hispanic who has Black Blood (Ex.African Amreican) or Half Black and Half LAtin
автор: anonymous 8 февраля 2003
88 46
to lose face and be put in an embarrassing situation by your own doing or by others...
verb : choped
1)Jim asked his friends if the movie "The departed" would have a sequel.It would suffice to say that his friends choped him.

2)Student:I got the fucking chope of my life in my final exam...
автор: james.techie 18 января 2010
61 32
The act of reserving your place.
Commonly used in Singapore to refer to the practice of reserving a table in a hawker centre by leaving a packet of tissues on the table.
Wah.. cannot chope with a basket!
автор: n4blue 8 февраля 2011
24 11
C h o p e;

Adj. That face u make and that sound u squeak out when you walk into the bathroom right after someone just took a massive dump and didn't flush.
>_<' chope
автор: Arrif_Ziaudeen 2 декабря 2013
2 0
Short for ChangeHope.
Reporter: How do you plan to balance the budget?
Obama: CHope

Reporter: I know you have Hope and you want Change, but how are you going to achieve it?
Obama: CHope

Reporter: ...
автор: Timmy Timmy!! 30 августа 2008
30 42
short for Change Hope
Obama: Change Hope Change Hope Hope Change Hope CHOPE!
автор: LuciferxFatality 25 декабря 2008
14 30
To accidentally inhale someone else’s eructation or flatus.
That was a nasty belch I just choped.
автор: chewbecca 1 сентября 2006
8 38