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stories about being high or trips you hear about or tell friends, usually during seshes. Gets its name from chronic.
me and my friends cheefed a phat bowl, and through the hazy smoke told them of my adventures and chronicles being blitzed
автор: sebastiancee 27 января 2008
18 8
Ridiculous; derived from the film title 'The Chronicles of Riddick' and playing upon the homophoneity between 'Riddick' and ridic.
"I ate 17 chicken nuggets last night."
"That's chronicles."
автор: Zapsta 7 марта 2009
16 7
Ridiculous. London rhyming slang for the shortened 'ridic' by way of the popular Vin Diesel film 'The Chronicles of Riddick'.
Mate, where did you get them trainers? They're fucking chronicles.
автор: E8mate 26 сентября 2013
3 0
a story you tell about a time you were high on chronic
yo bro i got a chronicle for you! so me and my friends were smoking the other day and...
автор: asscrankerjack69 16 января 2012
5 15
The section of the newspaper used when rolling joints to make them look bigger.
- Kelsey did you put newspaper in your joints?
- Only the chronicles.
автор: Shawn Maglicic 20 декабря 2005
8 27