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verb. the act of severely beating someone with an insulin pump.
"benji, if you make one more diabetes joke, i'm funna cled the shit out of you!
автор: rileymoore 10 июля 2008
32 8
The pieces of hair that grow closest to the anus which sometimes collect feces known as dingleberries
The Dingle berries that hung from my cleds were huge.
автор: Andrew Monda 26 сентября 2008
7 0
A person who ruins your buzz on a night out (wether it be chemcially assisted or not). A uni-sex term for someone who seems to demand attention but who doesnt return anything to the group dynamic.
Guy 1: Mate anytime I hear her speaking I immediately stop listening. She really is Buzz Killington tonight

Guy2: she is such a Cled!

Guy 1: Total Cled! I dont know if I am longed out or pranged out but I know she is the originator of this fun void we find ourselves in.
автор: BlackAndy 25 октября 2010
2 1
crusty and unshaven
hey did you see that big girl walk by today?
yeah man i bet she was soo cled.
автор: chewbacca_slayer 4 апреля 2009
2 4
a woman's genitals
woman:lick my fucking cled
man: you have to buy me a drink first
автор: Tesseratops 22 июля 2008
3 5