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By analogy with sunblock and sunscreen (assuming sunblock deflects the sun's rays and sunscreen absorbs them), a cockscreen does not block cock, she absorbs it. Thus, you are not completely blocked from the friend, but may have to sleep with the cockscreen first to get through.
"That girl Dana there is being a total cockblock for her hot friend Jennifer!"

"Nah, she's just a cockscreen. Give her some lovin' and you'll get through, trust me."
автор: Mike Westvleteren 26 августа 2007

Слова, связанные с cockscreen

cock block cock cockblock cockblocker cocktease formation friend screen smokescreen wingman
An advanced version of a cock block. It's when several guys are simultaneously cockblocking in formation.
Steve tried to get Danielle's number, but she was suddenly surrounded by a cockscreen.
автор: LRRfan 19 января 2011
When 5 guys simultaneously Cock block you in formation.
He walked over to the hot babe but was Cock screened by her body guards.
автор: ENN_LLR_LISTEN 25 июня 2011