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A stupid bitch from the state of Connecticut.
The connecticunt drove her car off the road.
автор: J from GR 27 октября 2006
102 46
Wealthy people who MOVE to Connecticut.
"Tom is such a Connecticunt."
автор: SCIANNAS 5 ноября 2003
60 40
N: Generalized term for a resident of Connecticut......the most genuine Connecticunts are so ignorant and belligerent that they think Connecticunt is a compliment.

See masshole
WHAT THE HELL that fucking connecticunt just cut me off!
автор: gabthebomb 9 октября 2010
24 5
A person who lives in Connecticut and has never left. They believe that CT is the best place EVER, never travels (not even to Vermont), get's offended when someone complains about the gas prices in CT and will never, ever leave the state. They hate change and drive horrible.
I was driving to the casino, but it took forever because some connecticunt was driving 55 in the left lane.
автор: biofruit82 20 января 2012
6 1