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That's Cooky!
автор: Chaniqua Smith 10 августа 2008
83 36
crazy, wild, wierd, oddly shaped
That man was so cooky!
автор: danielle1 9 февраля 2008
95 48
the slang term used among stoners to discribe weed
dude did you bring the cookies i brought the papers
автор: mr.weedninja 30 апреля 2011
43 17
Engrish spelling of cookie.
Milk and cookys.
автор: Haruka Hoshino 22 декабря 2009
45 34
a way to say sex when you want to tell your friend who got laid without getting tattled on by your younger sister or getting detention from your strict teacher.

inspired by a nigahiga skitzo video.
Girl 1: omg, Sarah had cookies with Ryan- again!
Girl 2: are you effin serious?
Little sister: *continues to watch Elmo*
автор: smileybabes 16 октября 2010
29 24
another term for weed to use around public without anyone knowin
Yo man I got some cookies we gone eat em all tonight!
автор: niggerbitch11234 3 февраля 2011
13 11
What men expect to get when they act like human beings, rather than womanizing misogynists. Hint: don’t give cookies.
The man wanted cookies for believing women deserve legal equality.
автор: The Naiad Is Watching 5 ноября 2013
2 1