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southwest louisiana slang for crazy,stupid,ignorant,dumb,educated fool,ridiculous,foolish
Dat boy aint got no sense... he cooyon!
автор: Sidewalk Tha Villain 8 августа 2008
the cajun slang word for a stupid person.
he is too kmuch of a cooyon to kow better.
автор: Lee 6 мая 2005
One egg short a dozen, not the brightest bulb in the pack, slow, crazy and cajun
If you were to ask a COOYON if Mr. Boudreaux was to tell him to jump off the bridge, would he do it.

And his answer is "Not Again", he could be a COOYON.
автор: COOYON 26 октября 2007
cajun word for stupid
what are you dumbass cooyon!
автор: Lee 6 мая 2005