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n. a sexual position (aka cowgirl position) in which the woman sits astride the man.
John and Jane did the cowgirl on their wedding night.
автор: fizzle 1 апреля 2004
1069 410
A sexual position in which a man is on his back and the partner sits astride his hips, facing him. See "cowgirl position" and "reverse cowgirl."
Mary was aggressive last night: she threw John on the bed and jumped on him, riding him like a cowgirl.
автор: BGodA 27 августа 2005
1056 576
Cowgirl is term used for a very exciting position where a women takes control and dominates her male partner. This can be very rewarding.
"Sarah turned cowgirl on him, and she did not hesitate to go at it with great speed as they shared in the moments intensity."
автор: Knowaboutyourself 15 мая 2008
658 486
A female that likes to literally ride up and down a man's penis, or something resembling the male genitalia.
Briana Banks, loves riding the cock, she's a true cow girl.
автор: youknowit 11 апреля 2003
258 154
Sex position in which the guy lays on his back while the chick faces him as she sits on his dick and rides him like a stallion Reverse Cow Girl Dyslexic Cow Girl
P-Phat loves the Cow Girl!
автор: MOCO & P-Phat 11 февраля 2007
197 173
A real southern girl who can ride a horse,can play an acoustic,listens to country and appriciates a good bowl of grits
Wow,shes a real cowgirl!
автор: Amanda 30 марта 2004
407 420
A girl who likes to ride that dick all night long and moans with excitement!
Last night, i was the ultimate cowgirl.....he couldn't get enough!
автор: Kali 22 ноября 2004
546 566