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A more upscale place for one to smoke one's crack.
Crack head: No more cheap crack houses for me!

(Crack head goes to the front gate of the Crack Mansion with his Three Hundred Tricky Dick fun bucks.

Butler: Very good, sir. Shall I pre-warm sir's crack pipe?
автор: Super King 666 22 февраля 2008

Слова, связанные с crack mansion

crack crackhead crackhouse crack house crackpipe tricky dick
Refers to a place in high society where people go to buy and smoke crack. -- As made famous in the show Futurama.
Now that I'm rich I will no longer have to sit around in that crack house; I can goto a crack mansion and be waited on hand and pipe.
автор: NiteShift 4 октября 2004