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An indivisual, usually female, who will give sex in return for crack cocaine. Can be used to describe someone with a desparate immediate need for drugs.

Also- a bedraggled looking person, usually female.

e.g Whitney Houston (perhaps)
"See the state of her, she looks like a crack whore"
автор: badsmel 9 февраля 2007
5 3
Crack Whores suck n fuck only for cash! chicken heads have sex for drugs and get no street respect as a result are considered the lowest for of whore.
I saw a website crackwhoreconfessions.com and the whores in the video's explained the true definitions of these words!
автор: philrat 29 августа 2003
3 1
A female that will give it up for crack not money.
Bitch lick the head or you get no crack you crack whore.
автор: Tony' 11 марта 2010
1 0
Amy Winehouse.
Amy Winehouse is such a crack whore.
автор: hoegurlll 17 июля 2009
4 3
A highly trained whore at the top of her profession. Much like the crack troops used for missions of high strategic importance, the crack whores are deployed by pimp daddy's only in the most desperate of circumstances.
We have some high rolling arab businessmen in town - Deploy the crack whore.
автор: lisa_urban 18 мая 2008
6 5
Girls from Schenectady. They will do anything for that rock!!
guy 1: "Hey, what ever happened to that girl from Schenectady you were dating?"

guy2: "Dating? Are you nuts? I gave her 20 bucks and treated her like the crack whore she is! They're all crack whores in Skank-ectady!"
автор: Williecuztheygavemynamewilhelmaway 7 октября 2007
6 5
Jocelyn MacIntosh
Jocelyn MacIntosh is a crackwhore.
автор: danielle 29 ноября 2003
10 9