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Noun: A female who enjoys sex quite often with multiple partners, some even at the same time. She is often disoriented and unaware of her surroundings hence performing her insane acts in a gutter. She was most often abused as a child and loves the taste of semen. Hence she becomes a cum guzzling gutter slut.
Laura gave the whole football team head in the gutter...she must be a cum guzzling gutter slut!
автор: J-Loh 2 октября 2006
294 85
A complete and utter whore; a woman who likes to drink gallons of cum; a woman who always craves a big dick in her mouth
Your girlfriend is a cum-guzzling gutter slut.
автор: Travman 12 ноября 2002
93 17
A very classy girl that obviously does not have any daddy or abandonment issues.
A great thing to have your girl scream out while you're banging her brains out.
Although Rachel was the first to scream out she was a cum guzzling gutter slut, Derek also made his booty call Kassi yell it out too...what classy girls!
автор: Kiefer1 19 марта 2008
136 70
derogatory term usually used towards white trash sluts
Yo bitch, your a cumguzzlinggutterslut
автор: LDawg 10 декабря 2004
65 24
the dirtiest slut of all sluts
teresa is such a cum guzzling gutter slut
автор: ula casey 27 февраля 2008
73 38
An insult used to describe extremely slutty women, or women who perform prostitution in gutters while drinking cream. Used to describe males who act more like extremely slutty and or pmsing women
Dude, don't date her she's a cum guzzling gutter slut!

Why won't you hurry up? Quit being a cum guzzling gutter slut!
автор: drenith 19 августа 2009
62 33
a girl who is a slut and gives head to people in the jack in the box bathroom
kodi is a cum-guzzling gutter slut. who gives head to billy in jack in the box.
автор: robert alguire 22 декабря 2004
43 16