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usually said when you already knew what one person is talking about or totally obvious. also said in place of "duh!", "no shit!", "really (note the sarcasim)?" or "well, no kidding!"
person: "did you know that 1+1=2?"
автор: like, dude! 30 мая 2003
223 57
the word when someone says something obvious
that chicks hot, well der!!
автор: Steve-O 24 апреля 2003
96 41
scandinavian. short for the name Anders.

also the best guy ever. <3 end of story
Ders is the best person ever.
автор: kickasskoalax3 26 августа 2008
54 19
Used to simplify such expressions as:
"No Shit!"
Der, I think I know how to be bling-blingin'it up!
автор: THe Funk Trunk Blumpkin Explosion (REKANYZE!) 20 октября 2002
33 17
A genre of music, that stands for 'Dark Electronic Rock'. It consists of techno sounding characteristics, and often times is in a minor key. Example bands are The Faint, She Wants Revenge, and Shiny Toy Guns. This also may be refered to as Experimental
-'Hey, have you ever heard of 'The Knife'?'

-'I think, arn't they D.E.R.?'
автор: RockCandy15 29 октября 2006
3 3
German for "the". Sounds like "duh", or "dah", so this would explain why "der" is used as "duh" in this day and age. Or maybe because it sounds funnier.
"Der launch the missile!"

"*spinning a cat around in one hand*Deeerrrrr hi I'm Rob I'm the biggest idiot in the whole wide world!"
автор: Dave 8 января 2005
36 38
a person of extreme stupidity
david bergstien is an extreme der
автор: speaker of the truth 26 мая 2003
32 35