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Formal term meaning: to move with unhindered grace around an area with the presence of another enjoying the same activity.

Urban term: Humping someone in public

Sad world isn't it.
Cinderlla went (formal) dancing.
Jenny and I were (urban) dancing all night at the club, then more at her house.
автор: Richie 30 августа 2003

Слова, связанные с dancing

dance music party sex club fun booty grinding twerk rave sexy drunk grind funny techno cool ass awesome hot love
Something white males cannot accomplish properly sober
did you see John last night dancing on the table?
автор: JY 2 сентября 2003
an act done vertically that people wish to do horizontally
dancing is fun, I wish I could do it horizontally
автор: Johnny Que 20 декабря 2007
dancing is nothing more than making love set to music.
Frank Sinatra:"for what is dancing than making love set to music,, playin."
автор: Jarell Reloj 22 октября 2007
1. An unsatisfying prelude to a sexual act.
2. An attempt to move one's body to the rhythm of music, resulting in a convulsion like motion that induces the laughter of those in close proximity to the "dancer".
The acts seen at grade-school dances. The awkward moments experience in nightclubs. That which some consider "dancing", looks to the rest of us like an uncontrolable spams of the apendages.
автор: Bethany Home 4 апреля 2006
The act of elaboratly flailing around your apendages in an attempt to immpress or entertain someone or a group of people.
She was dancing at the party.
автор: Z 3 октября 2004
NOT dance dance revolution
Max 300? They call this dancing?
автор: dress3d2k1ll 11 июля 2006