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A word very commonly used by the irish to describe something beyond great.
Jamo's gaff is fuckin' deadly.
автор: Wezz 17 ноября 2004
Irish form of "Brilliant"
That film was bleedin' deadly
автор: Cully 1 апреля 2003
Australian aboriginal lingo for really excellent
"Hey check out my new jacket"
"Thats real Deadly".
автор: twiggywiggy 29 августа 2009
Meaning Sooooo fine.
Hey Dennis, you saw that chick over there walking down the beach? Man she was deadly.
автор: Kailua boy 31 января 2004
Word commonly used in Wicklow Town, Ireland meaning really good or excellent.
"That was a deadly movie"
"Didnt like the first one but their new album is deadly"
автор: Deadly Earnest 14 февраля 2009
(Canadian) Something that is awesome, beyond cool, and something that kicks ass.
"That was deadly!"
"Deadly rims on that truck, eh?"

автор: jonw 31 мая 2003