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To pee with
What's a dickfir?
автор: Dick 3 мая 2003

Слова, связанные с dickfur

dick fur asshole bush dicfur dick english kid fat fur hartley jake jerk pale pubes stupid
to pee with
watch Spies Like Us the movie!!!111111111111
автор: i slam crank in my veins every day 14 августа 2003
well....go tell an english kid he has a dickfur on his lip. you'll laugh so hard....yea....
Dude, wipe your lip. you have a huge dickfur on it.
автор: Sucra Bubafa 30 декабря 2007
anyone who posses the following characteristics: liar, annoying, doesn't give others what they want, pale, jerk, someone who ignores phone calls and text messages.
ya know.
jake is a total dickfur!
автор: heatherlynnbirdiscool 3 марта 2008
dick fur can only be described as having so much hair on one's genitals that it looks like your dick and balls are wearing a fur coat.
Jasper never shaves his pubes so even in the summer time he has dick fur.

If Jasper would remove his dick fur his balls wouldn't sweat so much
автор: Ballsdeepest 3 ноября 2009