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When a girl is bangin', hot, beautiful, "A perfect ten."
Jess is a fucking dime piece, bro.
автор: Wordsmith 6 февраля 2003
1583 322
A beautiful, gorgeous, sexy woman or girl, but not just looks, her personality as well. Along with the looks and personality she is usually a virgin or had few sex partners.
I'm sick of these freak hoes. I want a dime piece!
автор: Christina G 21 июля 2005
1196 430
A truly beautiful woman
This chick was fine, you know what she was beyond fine she was a dime piece. Im gonna marry this chick.
автор: Real_playa_4life 16 октября 2004
647 288
a girl who's a perfect 10, aka really hot even without makeup

"A puerto rican dimepiece named Chastity."
автор: Matt Knows 4 мая 2003
403 103
“Dime Piece”

A top of the line woman covering every attractive feature and characteristic: i.e. spiritual, emotional and physical beauty; intelligence and charisma, with good humor and wit, she's independent, raw, and hot but also sweet and totally down for you. A perfect 10 out of 10.
"You're a dime piece, girl."
автор: lathansgirl 22 июля 2009
324 166
top of the line broad covering every feature and characteristics i.e. spiritual,emotional and physical beauty,intelligient, great charisma,and humorous, possibly wifey type
perfect ten, dime, diana is a dimepiece
автор: the x factor 22 февраля 2005
192 56
A chick who is nice sweet smart independent possibly wifey material like in nick cannons song.
"Dime piece definiton of a chick nice sweet educated independent fly thang....
автор: Kraziie mama 23 марта 2006
369 266