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the act of dipping tobacco while going number 2
dude i just took the best dip shit ever
автор: oakton hs 1 ноября 2009
19 19
people who write their own name on suggestion for UD
what a dip shit!
автор: dutch courage 14 февраля 2003
10 10
Someone who is arrogant, always thinks they are right, cannot keep a relationship, very undecisive when it comes to important decisions
My coworker is a dipshit
автор: RJ is retarded 22 сентября 2011
2 3
the act of being stupid enough to not put oil in your car and let the engine sieze.
billy: cole is a dip shit. he forgot to put oil in his car now the engine is siezed.

tim: wow what a dip shit
автор: ohyaaaa 14 сентября 2009
3 4
taking a shit, or pretending to take one, while taking a dip at school or work.
"lets take a fatty dip shit"
"i just took a dip shit, it was very nice"
автор: blo-me 11 января 2007
37 38
the product from a dumbass
Guy1: "That guy is a dipshit."
Guy2: "Well his dad must have been a dumbass."
автор: Awesome72 22 декабря 2011
1 3
someone anoying
people named rory are dipshits
автор: strech1 5 августа 2011
0 2