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The universal currency for douchebags world wide..
5 dollars!? I'll give you 100 doll hairs for it! He he.
автор: Joseph Block 26 декабря 2007
106 32
word said to very gayly trick someone into thinking you said dollars.
Bob- "hey man ill give you twenty doll hairs to eat that piece of shit."

Bob2- "ok ma- HEY WAIT A MINUTE."

Bob- "0mG LOlZZZ RoFlMaYo I GOT YOU!!!!!11"
автор: aceshigh1091 30 апреля 2008
69 15
slang term for dollar
"dude i would totally give you 5 doll hairs for that"
автор: baby face megeee 1 августа 2009
40 18
It means dollars.
Holy crap, one pack of cigs is only five dollhairs.
автор: Besterd 10 апреля 2009
14 3
Hair Plugs gong terribly wrong. When your to cheep to pay for enough plugs to cover your "spot" and they don't even make a dent.
Have you seen Greg. He just recovered from his procedure and I don't have the heart to to tell him he has Doll Hair.
автор: Jimmyland 21 августа 2008
13 42
to give someone head or oral sex while the "giver" is upside down and the receiver is right side up.
Usually associated with the phrase:

girl: you wanna bet? if im right, you have to give me a dollar.

boy: okay but if im right you have to give me a doll hair!
автор: roosevelt jambalia 30 января 2008
14 47