n. in poker, a player who will call any bet rather than fold, even when their cards are bad. Named for the ignorant and unmoveable donkey, the "donk" won't ever move out of a hand and fold, no matter how much you bet. Thus bluffing does no good against donks, so you might as well not even try it. Especially infuriating when these donks end up getting lucky on the turn and the river, coming up with great hands when any reasonable person would have folded long ago. See also "calling station"
I had aces in the hole. I bet huge on all streets. This stupid donk keeps calling me with 7-4 offsuit, and hits a 7 on the turn and a 4 on the river to beat me. Man, do I hate donks.
автор: benjasdad-2000 21 июня 2009
A pipe/plank-sound, that is used in Bouncy/scouse house/NRG music. Hearing this sound in a piece of music, one can easily recognise the genre of music it is.

The sound is most commonly placed midway between beats, in the same place as hi-hats, but can be put in other places for different effects and such. The music it is used in is usually played between 150 and 160 Beats Per Minute.

When dancing, a donk commonly makes the dancer bounce on the donk beat.
They're playing some bouncy donk music tonight at that club!

Are we goin' donkin tonight?
автор: BraDRoBBo 29 марта 2008
A Donk is a 71-76 chevy Impala or Caprice. That sits on 22 to 26 inch rims the higher the better. Donks are mostly found Down South.
Whoo that donk riden high on 26's.
Chevy riden High
автор: MIA port 12 июня 2006
A vehicle trend for people with no concept of rotational mass. Vehicles are typically cars from the 80's, equipped with lift kits to heighten the center of gravity and make sure your bumper kills the driver you t-bone when your stock brakes can't stop those massive wheels that cost more than the car. Very few of these drivers upgrade their brakes, regear their transmission, or increase their horsepower any significant amount.

The people who do it right usually perform engine swaps, transmission regearing, brake upgrades, and throttle programming. The problem is very few people take the time to modify their car correctly, and some take pride in having "haters" and have no ambition to do the project correctly anyways
"Man you see that Caprice on 26's? That's what donks is all about!"
автор: Raven_WET01 25 ноября 2009
A very large backside.
Dangggg, look at that girls donk! I'd tap that twice!
автор: ChanChick 5 сентября 2008
n. A bad poker player.
He called a raise with 74 offsuit? What a donk!
автор: DonkDetector 30 июля 2005
Contrary to American definitions refering to female booty...in Australia "Donk" refers to a males cock. Makes for humorous listening to Soulja Boi's song "She Got A Donk".
She wont be laughing when i drop my donk in her arse.
автор: Hilfy 3 мая 2008

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